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Apple, the Cubs and what’s up next

June 29, 2007

Quick note to say three things:

1) A bunch of people are waiting in incredibly long lines to buy a set of handcuffs from Apple that, while being a data driven device, doesn’t run on a 3G network. What a bunch of losers.

2) The Cubs  just won on a bottom of the 9th, two out, come from behind homerun from Aramis Ramirez against the red hot Brewers. They were 7.5 games behind the Brew crew going into this game, and post game giddiness aside, this is the type of victory that could propel the Cubbies towards winning the division.

3) I will post a more traditional blog entry about video players, closed broadcast systems and the future viability of Cable’s core business on Monday.

Until then, Go Cubs Go!!!

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  1. Audrey permalink
    August 13, 2007 7:29 pm

    Apple iPhone…the best pair of handcuffs I ever bought! I skipped the the non-fun, sort of corporate Blackberry generation and waited for Apple’s iPhone. Once again Apple has delivered technology that is enjoyable and fun to use. Besides the great functionality, the iPhone truly is a “social” device — I’ve met at least a few dozen people face-to-face (imagine!) who’ve struck up a conversation with me just because I was holding my iPhone. Perhaps Apple should go into the dating service business!

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