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On today’s episode of good content that will never see the light of day

January 15, 2009

Web Therapy

Over and over again, companies have proven that BMW Films are as hard to replicate as BMW cars.  Remember how nobody watched BudTV?  And how nobody watched SeaDoo Films?  Well that didn’t stopped Lexus from creating L Studio, which was clearly targeting women.

I’m sure their media agency has a perfectly logical explanation.

At any rate, Lisa Kudrow is completely inspired casting.  The actors who play her various patients are terrific as well.  Tim Bagley is great, and Jane Lynch is just laugh out loud funny in a way only Jane Lynch can be.  (In fact, episode 11 is just hysterical.) This also goes to prove the point that, with the right format, 3 – 5 minutes can, in fact, be a terrific programming length.  Note how well the characters and proposition are presented in the first 5 minute episode.

I am not in the target demo.  Maybe every woman out there already knows about this, and somehow the super-stealth marketing and distribution they are doing to drive traffic to the website, and generate awareness for the brand, is not wasting a single impression.  More likely, I am willing to bet there have been less than 500,000 people viewing this, which probably means this is a pretty low ROI ad program for Lexus

I am not saying branded broadband content is a bad idea.  I think it is a great idea, and often, I think the economics are very advantageous.  Especially given the cost to produce and distribute (i.e. buying media) a :30 commedical.  But if you are going to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars (which they must have spent to get the talent they did), at least spend a little time creating a distribution strategy that ensures someone will watch.  Get ’em up on YouTube.  Or better yet, cut a deal with iVillage: you give away the content, and get advertising inventory in return.

If you spend the money on great content, make sure people watch!

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