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If Kevin Pollak directed a comedy series about vampires, would anyone watch?

May 18, 2010

No, seriously.  Is anyone watching this?  Because it is really well done.  Whenever I find stuff like this, I keep telling myself that I am not in the target demo, but that in reality, lots of people who ARE in the target demo are actually watching.

But with this, I am.  In the target demo.  Which sucks.

How is the audience supposed to find stuff like this?  How is Kevin supposed to build an audience?  Babelgum probably reaches a bit over 1 million people per month, and they probably get between 1 – 2 million visits per month.  I am really curious about what that has meant for Kevin in terms of audience per episode.  Is he getting north of, say, a show on an average channel on a digital cable tier? What’s he gotta do to get at least more viewers than George Lopez?

Maybe I shouldn’t care.  Because now that I have found it, I will keep watching.  You should too.  Season two has been ordered.  Can’t wait. Episode 1 is below.  Find the rest at Babelgum.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Babelgum: Vamped Out: “Al, The Vampir…“, posted with vodpod

Also, while we are at it, Kevin does a chat show online, a la Tom Green in the good old days. Old episodes can be found here.  The ones with Mathew Perry and John Hamm are quite good.

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